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“Haydushki Polyani” Area – the Rhodope Mountains

August 20, 2009

Momchil Voivoda hut

Geographical area: the hut is situated in the Central Rhodope Mountains, Haydushki Polyani area, 15 km east of Pamporovo, close to Kutela village

The area: Haydushki Polyani area is a beautiful meadow in the heart of a pine forest. The name ‘Haydushki Polyani means haidouk glades (haidouk in the sense of rebels against the otomans)There are 2 small lakes in the area. People like to make fires and have picnics or BBQs around the lakes.

one of the lakes
the lake from a different angle

The hut: Momchil Voivoda hut is situated in the Haydushki Polyani area on a meadow in the heart of a pine forest.There is an old tourist hut next to it with the same name, but it lookes quite shabby. The new hut is quite decent. It is actually a luxury place for the real mountaineers who are used to very basic conditions. The hut has two floors. There is a pool table and a restaurant on the first floor. From the restaurant you can go out on a large terrace which offers a great view to the lakes and the forest. The terrace is a favourite place for the visitors who like to have their coffee/tea there.

the hut outside
Haydushki Polyani hut from outside

The rooms are clean but quite small. Each room has a separate bathroom. In the rooms there are just 2 beds (or one double bed) and a TV. No need for air conditioners because it never gets really hot in the area.

room on the 1st floor

the bathroom

The food: we did not try the food but i can tell you this – there was a group of tourists in the restaurant and the staff had already served them their food – typical Rhodope food – and it looked and smelled really good.

the restaurant

This is not pizza that you see on the picture. This is ‘patatnik’ – a typical Rhodope dish from potatoes, eggs, etc.

The price is 20 euro per room per night. There are group discounts.

Pros: The biggest advantage of Momchil Voivoda Hut is its location – really beautiful piece of nature; no noise around since the hut is away from the main road; crystal clean air; simple and good food.

Cons: Even though the rooms are clean they are quite small and dark – not very welcoming. The bathroom is clean but not very comfortable.

But as I already mentioned earlier, considering the secluded location of the hut it offers all the comfort that you can possible get in the mountains.

Contacts: If you have questions or want to get in touch with Momchil Voivoda Hut (no website available), use the contact form or simply send an e-mail to:

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