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Zassele Village – Nature Paradise Close to Sofia

August 25, 2009

If you want to get away from Sofia for a day or two Zassele village is probably the  perfect destination – so close to Sofia and yet so far away.

Geographical  area: Northwestern part of Bulgaria, in the recesses of the Western Balkan Range. In this area the Iskar river shapes its gorge through the lofty rocks and the views are more than impressive.

view hs

view from Bojilovo complex

Location: Zassele village is close to Svoge town. Here is a map with directions Sofia-Zassele.


Bojilovo complex

Where to stay

Bojilovo complex: the house stands on a high slope in the end of Zassele village and provides a wonderful bird’s-eye view to the village and surroundings. There are no other houses close to it, no noise or traffic. The house is new, cozy and clean. It has a large trim garden. There is a small tavern with a fireplace. You can also have your meals or coffee outside and enjoy the sun and the view.

The rooms: Bojilovo complex offers 4 rooms. Two double rooms, one triple room and one double suite. Each of them has a separate bathroom. The rooms are very clean and comfortable, designed in a traditional folk style. Excellent mattress, pillows and linen – the owners did a great job.

The tavern is small and cozy with a fireplace. When the weather is nice everyone eats outside in the garden.


dining outside in the garden

The food was simple but very delicious. They don’t offer a big menu – u basically have a few options to choose from, but they are all great – I personally think this is the right way. We had typical Bulgarian oven cooked meals and delicious BBQ. They have pretty good wine selection. For breakfast we had a very delicious banitsa (Bulgarian pastry dish with eggs and feta cheese.)

garden lnch

lunch in the yard of Bojilovo complex

Pros: All the above – great location, close to Sofia, everything is nice and clean and put together with style and taste. The food is excellent – small but great choice.

Cons: in the morning we woke up because of noise in the lobby of the house.  Sometimes we had to wait longer for our meals or drinks, but I can live with that, considering the fact that everything is natural and home-made.

Price: Double room 35 euro, Triple room 40 euro, Double Suite 50 euro, breakfast included.

Contacts: If you have further questions about Bojilovo complex use the contact form or simply write an e-mail to:

Things to do / see

A scenic Еco trail along Iskar river gorge – they call it Vazov’s Eco Trail in honour of the renowned Bulgarian poet and writer Ivan Vazov, who loved to walk along these places and was inspired by the lofty creations of nature.

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view from the eco trail

Skaklia waterfall – a 130-metre high semi-active waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls on the Balkan Peninsula.


Skaklia waterfall along the eco trail

Caves: the region is a favourite place for cave lovers. The most popular one is Temnata Dupka (The Dark Hollow). Here are some other caves in the region: Elata (a very interesting vertical cave) Dushnika, Kacite, Majanica etc.

Bula: You can see the Bula from Bojilovo complex. It is the top of the highest slope in the area. We walked there – not more than 1-hour walk through the beech forest. We sat on the very top of Bula, our feet dangling in the air – the feeling is unforgettable.

Djuglata – a rock phenomena by Tserovo village