Alternative Tourism

What is alternative tourism

Alternative tourism is the opposite of mass organised tourism. Here is a good definition by the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism

“Alternative tourism involves travel that is personal and authentic and encourages interaction with the local environment, people and communities. Alternative tourism includes package tours and individual tourist services in the following areas:

  • Nature-based tourism – tourism in natural environments, ecotourism, outdoors and adventure including biking, horseback riding, skiing, snow shoeing, rafting, diving, caving and hiking;
  • Culture tourism – rural, cultural heritage, ethnic, religious, wine, cuisine, music and crafts.”
Selishte village, Central Bolkan Range, Gabrovo Municipality
Selishte village, Central Bolkan Range, Gabrovo Municipality

Here are 10 reasons why you should stick to Alternative Tourism:

  1. you help to preserve nature!!! by not being part of the massive tourist industry – the gigantic hotel complexes with all the damage and garbage they bring to nature and the environment
  2. you support and give business to rural families as opposed to big bucks industries (think where your money goes)
  3. alternative tourism is an individual experience which you create according to your own preferences, as opposed to conventional tourism where everything is determined by the lowest fares
  4. you will receive an individual human treatment as opposed to an all-inclusive package
  5. for the local family you are an important guest, while for the big hotels you are guest number XXXXX (that’s why they give you a bracelet in order to recognise you)
  6. you will get in touch with local culture and traditions (in the 5* hotel you can’t really tell if you are in Tunisia or Greece)
  7. you will be at places with beautiful nature and fresh, clean air
  8. you will eat delicious, traditional food, prepared just for you as opposed to the block tables with tons of l0w-quality food
  9. you can enjoy affordable outdoor sports as opposed to lazy expensive tourist attractions
  10. you are not going to be part of the sheepish tourist industry

I hope these 10 reasons made you think.

3 Responses to “Alternative Tourism”

  1. Liz Says:

    Hi Katya, I just found your blog via the LP mailing list. I think we have some similar ideas 🙂
    Hope we can keep in touch!

    • katya Says:

      Hi Liz,
      We do have somewhat similar ideas. I submitted my blog to pocketcultures. We’ll stay in touch.

  2. Malesha Says:


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