About the author

My name is Katya. I am from Bulgaria. I have been a student for hm… 11 years now, 3 of which in the US. I have graduated British and American studies at Sofia University, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes when I write:)

I love to travel and  I have started this blog to help people who, like me, don’t trust adds and want to hear real opinions from people who have actually visited the places.

I firmly support alternative tourism. Alternative tourism is not just a matter of preference – it is a frame of mind. For more info see my post on Alternative Tourism.


Bulgaria has the greatest potential to become a favourite destination for alternative tourism and I will try to work in this direction.

You can ask questions or make a reservation for the places in the blog by using the contact form or you can simply write an email to: truebulgaria@gmail.com.

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