Unspoiled Beaches in Bulgaria

If you see a beautiful lonely sand beach in Europe you are either there way out of season or you are dreaming. However, Bulgaria still has a couple of unspoiled, non-commercialized, beautiful, lonely beaches by its Black Sea. I am going to disclose one of them to you here. This info is only for nature lovers, enjoyers and keepers. All greedy investors keep out, because these places are National Parks and we don’t want anybody building anything there.

Karadere is the name of the beach and it is on the north seaside. Miles of sand beaches and nothing but, vines, trees and bushes around them. There are no showers, no WC, no food stores – I mean nothing! Just sand, billions of round pebbles by the sea and emerald waters.

My soul was so happy there - and it shows..

And because people feel so far from civilization on this lonely, unspoiled beach, it is only natural for them to bathe naked.

The beach of Karadere

How to get there: the closest village where you can stay is Goritsa. It is a sweet, quiet village. From Goritsa you need a car to get to Karadere beach. The drive is about 25 minutes in the direction of the town of Byala. One thing you need to know is there are hairy pigs grazing along the way to the beach. They are not wild animals but I personally prefer not to be walking in their company.

Pigs along the way to Karadere beach

Where to stay: There are many village houses in Goritsa where you can rent a room. The prices are very low – 15-25 leva per person per night. We stayed at “Pri Pancho” (meaning Pancho’s). It was nice and clean – all you need – no more no less. Write me an e-mail if you need help with reservation.

Where to eat: Again at Pancho’s. The food is delicious and natural. The fish soup is a must. We were lucky to have tried turbot fish there. The prices are one of the lowest you will find at the sea.

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11 Responses to “Unspoiled Beaches in Bulgaria”

  1. Moabiterin Says:

    So true! I just spent a week in Bulgaria, travelling around and I was impressed about the nice and not so full beaches ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice blog!

    • katya Says:

      I’m glad you liked it!
      So much depends on one’s expectations! The more we expect the more likely we are to be disappointed. And the other way around.
      I think the Bulgarian Black Sea is perfect in early June and in September.

  2. Bluegreen Kirk Says:

    The beach looks great. Pig in the road be careful not to hit any of them. I agree that too many of the beaches have been over populated due to all the buildings.

  3. katya Says:

    Sadly, they have been. When I go to one of the popular resorts its like I’m in the city with all the buildings, the traffic, the parking problems, the noise, the dirt…

  4. Alba Says:

    Wow, that’s amazing that there are still some beaches left in Europe that aren’t overrun by people! I was in Croatia awhile back, and there were several empty beaches back then. I’m sure they’re full of people now, though!

  5. Abbie Says:

    Chudesno. I need to go back and visit.

  6. julia Says:

    you article is just what i was searching for.. could you please give me the exact contact for PANCHOS ? i want to travel to bulgaria next week and i would like to stay there, if you really recommend it..

  7. julie holmes Says:

    hi will be back at panchos again from sept 9th was there in june and love the place i stay with a friend who lives in the viliage so we like to eat there as its within walking distance such a lovely unspoilt village and friendly people and i will give them your regards wilst i am there julie x

  8. Nikolay Says:

    Great article and amazing pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Agness of eTramping Says:

    Bulgaria is a great destination, especially because it is very affordable. Great post!

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