Krushuna – a Green Wet Fary Tale

Krushuna is a village about 35 km from the town of Lovetch. It is quiet, the nature is unspoiled, the air is clean – just like most other villages in Bulgaria. But it does have something more to it… In the south end of the village a magical place is hidden. Come with me – I’ll show you…

How to get there:

The Journey from Sofia takes about 2 hrs and 20 minutes. Here is a link to map+driving directions.

Once you get to the village it won’t be hard to discover its proud secret – the Krushuna waterfalls or the so-called “Maarta”. In the midst of green vegetation there is this wondrous creation of nature – waters, falling over  soft mossy rocks, overflowing round shaped terraces, which look like they are filled with liquid emeralds.

part of the waterfall

part of the waterfall

Of course this has its scientific explanation. The waters of Maarаta river fall over karst, limestone and travertine rocks. Gradually the waters mould the rocks into these beautiful round rapids. I don’t know how the water got this emerald colour, but I guess it has to do with the chemical composition of the rocks.

emerald waters of Maarta river

The whole waterfall is about 15 metres high. There are bridges and steps, facilitating  the visitors get different views of the sight.

High in the rocks you will see a few ancient caves. One of them leads to something like a church, carved in the very rock. These caves were ones the homes of Christians who professed isihasm – an orthodox school, popular in the 13th century, which founded its values on humbleness, love and wisdom. The isihasts lived in remote, secluded places, where they could contemplate nature and connect with God. They used to heal peoples’ diseases. One of their believes were that mankind could be freed from its ailments and even live forever.

entrance to one of the caves

Other things to see:

From all the caves in the region there is one you absolutely have to see – Devetashka Cave. It is on the way to Devetaki village.  We parked where the road crosses the Osam river. There is a road sign for the cave. From there it is about 1 kilometre to the cave along a small eco trail.

the caves's entrance from a far

I love this cave because it reminds me of a cosmic station. It has the biggest ‘foyer’ of all the caves in Europe – 3o metres high and 35 metres wide. According to different sources it was inhabited during 7 different epochs. It was a sanctuary in ancient times.  It used to be a military base in the past. Later on in the 1950s it was a storage for oil. According to some it was the federal reserve’s food storage and rocket base.

There are 7 huge openings on the ceiling, through which natural light enters the main hall. Past the main hall the cave splits into two corridors. The left one is about 2.5 km long. It is dark with a small river running through, forming miniature lakes and waterfall, passing through the main hall and eventually flowing into Osam river. The right corridor is much smaller. It is dry and warm, ending with a round hall, known as the Altar.

the ceiling


Where to stay:

There are many village houses for rent. Usually the whole house is rented and you can cook your own food in the fully equipped kitchen. The house we stayed at had only one WC and bathroom so I am not going to recommend it. It had really nice yard though and a great outdoor dining area with a fireplace. If you are not worried about the single bathroom fact write to me and I’ll send you the contacts.

outdoor dining area

the house

My advice is do not visit Krushuna during the village holidays May 2nd  – it gets crowded and messy.

Please keep the area clean and be careful not to damage the formations. Unfortunately, we, Bulgarians aren’t particularly good at that.

If you have further questions you can use the contact form or write to me at

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8 Responses to “Krushuna – a Green Wet Fary Tale”

  1. pinkpangea Says:

    Hi Katya,

    Wow, Bulgaria looks like a beautiful country and I like the idea of staying in one of those houses, even with the shoddy bathroom conditions.

    I’d love to feature one of your posts on Pink Pangea (, a travel site specifically geared towards women travelers. Submit a photo of yourself in one of the great places in Bulgaria and write a post about your experiences. You might also want to provide some tips for other women travelers to Bulgaria.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. Invitatie in Bulgaria « TabereCuSuflet Says:

    […] Andrei ne-a propus o iesire inedita, intr-o zona deosebita din Bulgaria. Vom explora impreuna cascadele de la Krushna si pestera Devetashka, vom sta peste noapte la o pensiune din Krushna iar a doua zi ne vom plimba cu […]

  3. sabinasagi Says:

    hello, lovely post, any idea if the cave can be reached by public transport from lovech somehow?

    • katya Says:

      Hi Sabina,
      Thank you for the good words. Its been a while since I have done anything about my poor blog:)
      On your question: I do not know for sure but Krushuna is only 34km away from Lovech.
      I found some info on the internet (quite old thought) according to which there is a bus to Krushuna from Lovech every day at 13h and at 17h but honestly I would be surprised if such is the case. Best thing will be to call Lovech Bus Station and ask them: +359 68/ 603 620 or 603-619

      • sabinasagi Says:

        thanks katya, i will ask someone with better bulgarian skills to phone the bus station, devetashka cave looks just too awesome to let poor public transport connections stop me from visiting it

      • sabinasagi Says:

        hey katya, i just noticed that i had commented here last year and there really were 2 buses a day to the cave and the driver dropped us off right next to it, it was amazing!!! all the best

      • katya Says:

        This is so nice to hear, thank you Sabina!
        So for everyone who is interested: There are 2 buses a day from Lovetch to Krushuna falls. The bus drops you off right there!

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