East Rhodope Mountains – Kurdjali Dam

This is the first great place I want to show you.

Geographical area: The Rhodope Mountains

Place to stay: Trifon Zarezan hotel. It is situated in the Glavatartsi area (7 km from downtown Kurdjali). See Directions to Trifon Zarezan hotel.  The hotel has 8 apartments, each with own bathroom, cable tv, air conditioning, fridge with a mini bar – more than enough stuff. The price (according to the website) is roughly 30 euro per room, breakfast included.

Picture 005

Pros: The hotel is relatively new, nice and clean, designed in a Bulgarian folk style. It has wonderful verandas (like a porch), overlooking Kurdzhali Dam, where you can have your meals. There is a small swimming pool right in front of the hotel, but the water was rather cold when we were there. There is an outside fireplace with something like a BBQ corner. We spent one of our evenings there. If  you like fishing you can ask the kitchen staff to cook what you have caught.

Cons: The rooms are clean, but ours was claustrophobic. The other apartments were better so you should ask to choose the room you like. The service in Bulgaria is generally not good – you should always keep that in mind. In this way you won’t be disappointed (at least you will know it is not personal:)

Contacts: If you have question or would like to get in touch with Trifon Zarezan Hotel use the contact form or simply write an e-mail to: truebulgaria@gmail.com.

Things to see:

  • Kurdzhali dam – beautiful dam lake surrounded by the soft, green rhodope slopes.

Kurdjali dam lake

  • Beautiful rocks. There are some ancient signs (holes) carved in them. I asked a local person if he knew what they mean but he could not tell me.
rocks with ancient signs (wholes)

rocks with ancient signs (wholes)

  • an ancient bridge
ancient bridge

ancient bridge

devils bridge

devil's bridge


devil's bridge

  • A curious cave – they call it Vulva, which is a dialect word for ‘vagina’. The picture below explains why that name:) Local people will tell you a beautiful legend about the cave – how the sun is born out of the cave etc…


  • Perpericon – ruins of an ancient Thracian city. I will tell you more about it in a next post
  • Zlatograd – a small, rather old and well preserved town with many charming little craft shops. I will tell you more about it in a next post
  • Tatul – a village where an ancient Thracian surface tomb and sanctuary were discovered

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